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10 Slightly unsexy body hair issues that every woman has

Remember that time you donned a hot new pair of gladiator sandals, only to look down and see a three-inch strand of ankle hair blowing in the wind?

Come on, ladies. I know it’s not just me. We are all dealing with slightly unsexy body hair issues. Unless, of course, you’re one of those lucky women who likes her armpit hair. (In which case, yes, you are totally sexy and enjoy.) 

According to Dr. Garrett Gause, Director of Medical Affairs for Ideal Image, women head to hair removal facilities in secretive, flocculent droves. “The most common complaint seems to be facial hair,” he says. This was relieving news to me, since I spend time each week plucking four persistent whiskers from my right cheek and left neck-chin. “Other common problem areas are the bikini line, full bikini including nether parts, the lower abdomen, underarms and legs,” he says. It’s also common for women to seek help for their woolly feet, hands and toes.

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Upon discovering that my ankle hair is totally normal, I will probably just let it grow out. Strength in numbers, right? In honor of all those body hair issues that we usually don’t discuss, here are the top 10 I’ve heard about in conversations with my best girlfriends. Women, unite.

1. The lady mustache. It is a thing of mystery. Shadow? Food particles? Or your own glorious facial hair?

2. Big toe hair tufts. These curly beauties are certainly the topic of conversation every time you seek a professional pedicure.

3. Sasquatch arms. You keep the arm hair for warmth, because you’re a practical kind of woman.

4. The happy trail. Gotta love that dark arrow of hair growing between your belly button and your pubic bone.

5. Swaths of invisible pubes. These are the pubes that are invisible to the human eye until you’re laying out in a bikini in the light of day.

6. Windblown behind the knees. Your legs are so smooth. So perfect. Until you step outside in a sundress and feel the wind blowing through your knee-pit hair.

7. The uni-brow. It lends an air of intrigue, don’t you think?

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8. Prickly whiskers. At least that one stubborn cheek whisker grows in at the same place every few days. And at 37-times the thickness of a normal whisker.

9. Ankle hair curls. These are similar to the hair that blows behind the knees. Only more curly, and more pube-like.

10. The lady-glove. Is it a demure Victorian-style glove, or is it a downy layer of finger hair? A lady will never tell.

These are normal issues, and you’re not alone. If you’re concerned with your body hair, Dr. Gause said that most issues are easy to troubleshoot. Try a razor for a quick fix — or a depilatory cream or waxing for longer-lasting results. A professional laser treatment, however, is the only solution if you want a permanent fix. “Utilizing well-trained medical professionals with state of the art lasers is going to be your best bet for any type of unwanted body hair,” Gause said.

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