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15 Things only Mac converts understand

Some of the best advice I ever received was about which conversation topics you can’t and can use when you’re meeting with strangers. Never bring up religion, never bring up politics and never — ever, under any circumstance — talk about computer platforms. While that’s great advice — like, don’t-feed-them-after-midnight great advice — we’re going to do it anyway. 

Without further ado, here are 15 things only people who’ve converted from PC to Mac understand. PC users: Put down that giant trackball… it’s all in good fun.

Mac users are generally a creative, happy bunch

dancing in front of a mac

Image: Giphy

…although PC users seem to have their fun too

crazy guy dancing

Image: Giphy

PC users have their Windows champion…

steve balimer screaming yes

Image: Randy/YouTube

…and Mac users have theirs.

justin long saying no

Image: Giphy

Some people think their PCs are smart…

winking help paperclip from windows

Image: Giphy

Some people think their PCs are sexy…

peter griffin and homer simpson washing a car

Image: Giphy

…but Apple users know their Macs are smart — and sexy

steven colbert looking sexy

Image: Giphy

When it comes to malware, Mac users are all, like…

dog relaxing using a mac laptop

Image: Giphy

PC users can’t always be sure what‘s going to pop up

guys from sirens freaking out over computer

Image: SirensUSA/YouTube

(How could you cancel Sirens, USA?)

It’s true that Macs may be a little behind when it comes to gaming…

prince of person (old school)

Image: groovymacgamesYouTube

…but that may be a good thing

guy beating his friend with keyboard over game

Image: Giphy

Mac users may have to face an occasional Spinning Beach Ball of Death

family guy episode with spinning beach ball of death

Image: Normandy/YouTube

…but the Blue Screen of Death will make even the most mild-mannered androids of the future lose their cool

data gets blue screen of death and freaks out

Image: grant2053/YouTube

There is one big thing that no PC user will ever understand — while PC users can relax…

kid rocking out in front of old PC

Image: Giphy

Mac users live under the constant threat of panda attack

fake panda destroying a guy's desk

Image: Giphy

(Yeah, OK… so I made that last one up. Had to throw them some kind of bone. They’re viewing this on a PC for cryin’ out loud.)

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