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U.K. women are comfortable with ageing process reveals Lancôme survey

How do you feel about ageing? Something to grin and bear? The least of your concerns? A good enough reason not to get out of bed in the morning? An enjoyable process?

Apparently British women are becoming more comfortable about getting older than ever before. New research carried out by beauty brand Lancôme reveals that, of 1,000 women between the ages of 18 and 70, only one in five have lied about their age and almost two-thirds of them are happily embracing their looks more as they get older.

However it seems we’re still a little obsessed with youth — the study also found that a third of women felt most confident between the ages of 18 and 25, with almost half saying they loved being in the 26 to 40 age bracket. The age at which most women felt their most confident was 30.

Additionally 43 percent of women said they saw no problem knocking a few years off their real age because they genuinely felt younger than their years.

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The study is part of Lancôme’s new campaign for its bestselling anti-ageing serum Génefique but the message is a little different: #LoveYourAge. More pro-ageing than anti-ageing, then?

The advert for the campaign features four of the French beauty house’s celebrity ambassadors sharing their views on ageing: Penelope Cruz (41), Lupita Nyong’o (32), Kate Winslet (39) and Lily Collins (26). What unites them all, says Lancôme, is “a form of radiance, the light that emanates from them, a light that seems to come from within and that transcends age and ethnicity.”

Video credit: LancomeUKIreland

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