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Cats and dogs share their tips for getting the perfect selfie

Sure, Kim Kardashian has shown her skill in taking the perfect selfie, but we’re looking to other experts — our favorite cats and dogs — for tips on how to look great on film. Here are 10 critical things we’ve learned.

1. Don’t be afraid to go for a close-up — especially if your fur is on fleek

2. Try to let your thoughts show through

3. Smile once in a while — even if it’s just to show how happy you are hanging at the swankiest park in town

4. Get creative with your shots to show your artsy side

5. Always be on alert for annoying photobombers

6. Learn to use your filters — they’re a girl’s best friend

7. Strategically choose props to take your selfie to the next level

8. Know which photos to save for Snapchat

9. When in doubt, go for a mysterious mirror shot

10. But most important, just show the world your fabulous self — who knows, you may become an Instagram star

Images courtesy of Vetstreet

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