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Watch 100 years of fashion unfold in two minutes (VIDEO)

How’s this for a #ThrowbackThursday?

The team at Mode takes a bold look at 100 years in fashion in less than three minutes.

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And they manage to capture all of the trends through the decades, ranging from a covered-and-cute 1915 to the mega-hairspray-and-mini days of 1985. There’s also a denim jumpsuit from the ’70s that we wouldn’t be too surprised to see today, proving that every style comes back eventually.

The looks that most resonated were the ones we all rocked at one point or another, like the ’90s post-grunge accessorized with a choker or the 2005 low-rise jeans with a silk camisole that looks exactly out of a scene on The Simple Life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.

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We just wonder what the 2015 look — slouchy boyfriend jeans with a breezy top and, of course a selfie — will look like to us in another 10 or 20 years. Will we think we look as ridiculous as the ’80s-era rocker chick? Let’s hope not, but looking back at 100 years in fashion gets us pumped to see what comes up in the next 100.

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