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Japan finally gives Godzilla a little respect

Sure, Godzilla has caused a bit of damage here and there, but the Japanese people are big enough to move past it.

After all, what’s a few insurance claims compared to 60 years of history?

The Tokyo ward of Shinjuku has decided to grant the King of Monsters the necessary paperwork to make Godzilla an official Japanese resident and put the giant radioactive lizard to work drawing in tourists to the area.

Even an infamous killer monster’s gotta earn a living.

In March, Kabukicho’s Toho Cinemas in Shinjuku unveiled a gigantic Godzilla head mounted on top of the theater in a flashy ceremony attended by Shinjuku’s Mayor Kenichi Yoshizumi, who says he believes any particular locations smashed by Godzilla in the movies have special luck now.

Both the Shinjuku ward and Toho films hope to gin up a renewed interest in Godzilla to boost tourism and build anticipation for a new Godzilla movie in the works, called Evangelion — the first new film in the Godzilla series in 12 years.

Here’s a report just in case you thought I was totally making this up.

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