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Grooming dogs into cubes is real, and it’s spectacular (PHOTOS)

Hot off the pages of Reddit, there is a dog-grooming trend that is as real as it is mesmerizing.

Apparently dog owners in Taiwan and Japan are marrying cubism with grooming. It’s damn well time.

Some of the trend images hail from a grooming expo in Japan, in which groomers competed with one another by using fake dog forms. Uniformity is of utmost importance in these situations. How else would groomers know if they were, indeed, the most talented cubist groomers?

Here are a few fake dogs:




Images: Imgur

Other images of the trend, however, are real. Call me mesmerized, but I think I’ve found a new love for geometry.

Real dogs:





Images: Imgur

What do you think of this trend? Is it unfair to the animals, or is it amazing? I, for one, would absolutely partake in the trend if my dog’s fur was a little longer. Cubist grooming is very rocker chic, after all.

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