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12 Genius products that practically clean for you

Unless you’re Cinderella, and you have little birds and mice to help you, cleaning is rarely fun. It’s overwhelming (especially if you haven’t done it in a while), tiring and usually results in you getting dirtier as your place gets cleaner.

Wouldn’t it be great if we lived in an age where products took most of the work out of cleaning? Well guess what — we do! Now I’m not saying you won’t have to do anything but push a button and let these things do the job — after all, it’s not like we live in the age of The Jetsons (not yet anyway). However, these things will definitely cut cleaning time down significantly, and perhaps help you to not dread cleaning days as much. Plus most of them are super cute, so you won’t hate having them in the house.

Here are 15 magical things that will help you tackle every annoying and/or forgotten cleaning project in the house (cough cough, the bathroom, cough cough).

1. Mocoro Robotic Fur Ball Vacuum Cleaner

fur ball vacuum

Image: Japan Trend Shop

Try saying that five times fast. This little thing might be my favorite on this list, because not only is it adorable, it can get into all those hidden, hard to reach corners of your home and dust the crap out of them. It has a timer and cleans in 15-minute intervals. All you do is take off the outer mop and wash clean.

2. Cutlery Cleaner

Image: Simply Good Stuff

Don’t you hate it when you try to clean a spoon with your scrub brush and it shoots out of your hand? Well that will never happen again with this little guy. Just a couple of dips in it and your cutlery is as good as new.

3. Remote control mop


Yes, you’ll have to dip it in water and wash it out, but all that pushing back and forth? Leave that to Mr. Remote Control, and keep watching Friday Night Lights reruns. Get it here.

4. Smart trash can

Image: Slash Gear

A trash can that has motion sensors that open the lid for you, a vacuum in the base and even has Wi-Fi to alert you when it’s trash day. Now if it could only walk outside and take itself out, it’d be perfect.

5. Slipper Genie

Image: Amazon

If you’re like me and you find yourself mindlessly pacing around the house, try wearing these while you do it. You’ll essentially be killing two birds with one stone — getting a little exercise and picking up some dirt.

6. Window cleaning robot

Image: Fancy

OK, this one actually is like the robots they had on The Jetsons.

7. Cyber clean putty

Image: Amazon

Never use Q-tips to clean your keyboard again. Get it on Amazon.

8. A magical wand that stops germs in their tracks

Image: Verilux

That’s right. Just like the wizards of Harry Potter, you too can clean up germy bacteria with just a flick of your wand.

9. A body dryer


For when you’re done cleaning and you have no strength left to lift a towel.

10. Magnetic spot scrubber

Image: Amazon

You know those vases you just avoid cleaning because it’s just impossible to get inside them? Well, now it’s not.

11. Soap-infused pet scrubber

Image: The Grommet

Washing your pet is hard enough without having to think about grabbing the soap. Now you can skip that step and just focus on keeping them in the tub. Get it here.

12. Baby mop

Image: Better than pants

Hey, they already crawl around on the floor, so make sure they can help you clean at the same time. It also makes an adorable centipede costume for Halloween.

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