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10 Wallpapers that prove wallpaper isn’t ugly anymore

I’ll admit. I normally associate wallpaper with musty B&Bs and my grandma’s house — maybe you do too. But these 10 options should be enough to change your mind.

I have nothing but terrible memories regarding wallpaper; I once had to assist in the removal of four walls of glued-on brown rose print paper and then replace it with a hideous repeating peonies pattern. It was dated, and not in a good way, and it gave a new definition to the word “fugly,” and I vowed to never do it again.

However, I think I may have to change my hard anti-paper stance after seeing the way it’s been re-imagined. Here are 10 reasons you should come on over to the dark side, too.

1. You can turn your room into a whimsical forest


We’ve been throwing the word “whimsical” around far too often if you ask me, but this pattern from Cole&Son (, $120) actually earns the label.

2. You can do the whole trompe l’oeil thing


It’s never been easier to fake architectural effects without having to hire your neighbor’s teenage daughter to paint a bad mural of crumbling plaster in your kitchen. (Remodelista, $107)

3. If you’re feeling brave, you can go very dark


Black is no longer only a color that your brooding son paints his basement bedroom. This soft, dark floral (Hygge&West, $125) is perfect for an accent wall.

4. If you’re feeling even braver, you can go super bright


When applied to just one wall (or even just one segment of one wall) bright pinks and tangerines are fun without being abrasive. (, $130)

5. The prints for children are so adorable it’s disgusting


Forget about dumpy circus animal nursery borders. You can pick something that your kids can grow with, like these sickeningly cute little foxes by Scion. (, $68)

6. Repeating patterns are no longer just for seedy nightclub bathrooms and dated DMV waiting rooms


Big, bold motifs mean the patterns aren’t as busy and make you much less nauseous. (Hygge&West, $150)

7. You can drop the wallpaper idea completely and go with a mural


These clouds will give any room a completely ethereal feel without triggering your agoraphobia. (Rebel Walls, $59).

8. Oooh… shiny!


What’s not to love about foils, glitter and a little metallic accent? (Anthropologie, $198)

9. And of course, so many options these days are elegant and understated…


You don’t have to go big or go home in the wallpaper game. You can get something like this understated taupe stripe pattern (, $68) and still be on trend.

10. If you still aren’t feeling these wallpaper designs, why not just make your own?


If you’re looking for something custom, you can’t do better than complete creative control. Sites like Spoonflower will let you upload your own designs or browse community designs, like the one above (Spoonflower, $5).

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