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What home improvement project is most popular in your state?

When the weather warms up, homeowners often begin home improvement projects. What are you planning to work on this summer, and how does that match up with the rest of your state?

A large majority of homeowners in the U.S. may be set to tackle some additions and remodeling this spring and summer, according to Google trends and data complied by HomeAdvisor. Out west, lawn and garden care, roofing and even plumbing are more frequently searched on the internet, but for many states, homeowners are more interested in what it takes to add on to or remodel parts of their homes.

This infographic breaks down home improvement trends even further — the second map, for example, shows what is most popular when “additions and remodeling” are removed from the equation, and then even more data is teased out.

Are you getting ready to take on a home improvement project? If you had an unlimited budget, what area of your home would you like to work on? Do you need a new fence, new windows, or does your plumbing need to be updated? How about a new driveway, landscaping or a new furnace? It’s fun to see how the data breaks down, state by state.

Home improvement projects state-by-state

Image: HomeAdvisor

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