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8 Fashionistas style Birkenstocks and prove they are back in a big way

Just as we were getting used to the idea of rocking a pair of flared jeans this summer, another ’70s trend is calling our names and it’s one some of us are even less sure about: Birkenstocks.

In the interest of full disclosure, allow me to get this out of the way: I hate Birkenstocks. I hate them with a fiery, burning passion. I’ve never owned a pair, nor would I have a clue how to style them. They’re just so… earthy, which I realize can be a very positive thing where style is concerned, but I’ve personally always gravitated toward shoes that are quixotic in their design, which probably explains why I don’t have black sandals in my closet but own three pairs of green shoes (in my defense, they are all wildly different shades of green).

I’m open to change and growth and I would be lying if I said I’m not inspired and fascinated by some of the interesting and fresh ways fashion bloggers are incorporating this New Age look into their modern wardrobes. You can deny their appeal all you want, but these style mavens are proving that Birkenstocks are one of the hottest footwear trends this season.

White Birkenstocks/Rolled-up denim

There is positively nothing outdated about this lovely lady’s skinny rolled-up jeans, oversized vest and super-cute white Birkenstocks. By keeping all of her other pieces sleek and modern, she shows how Birks should look in 2015.

Stripes, shorts and gold

Proof that it pays to think outside the brown Birkenstock box. A classic summer pairing — denim cut-offs and a striped shirt — get a dose of casual elegance with gold Birks.

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Utilitarian chic

Love how this stylish lady paired simple black skinny jeans, a T-shirt and an Army jacket with black Birkenstocks — there’s absolutely nothing “hippie” about this cool statement.

Beachy Birks

There’s so much to love in this retro look: denim on denim, wide-brimmed hat, oversized boho bag. Her traditional Birkenstocks pull this laid-back beach look together.

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Wedded bliss Birks

You know you’re in for a fun wedding when the bride wears white Birkenstocks with her gown. You should probably prepare yourself to dance the night away and take a midnight dip in the ocean.

Hot-pink Birks

Today’s Birkenstocks needn’t be beige or brown, unless that’s your preference. Updated hues include hot pink, silver, mocha, green, pearly rose and about a gazillion other cool hues.

Vintage Birks

Who said Birkenstocks can’t look tough? Add a denim jacket, shorts and a fierce attitude and these versatile shoes will follow suit.

Sugar and spice

And for anyone who didn’t think it was possible to wear Birkenstocks with a sweet summer dress — this woman’s ethereal pink maxi dress benefits from instant earthy sensibility, thanks to her neutral Birks.

Birkenstocks look-alikes for fashionistas

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