How to make a painted wood photo backdrop — it’s easier than you think

Instantly boost the look of your images with this DIY painted wood backdrop.

We all enjoy looking at the beautifully styled images we see in the magazines. One of the important components of an interesting photo is a background, which adds texture and character to the visual story we are telling. However, not all of us have white floors, washed wood tables or plank walls at home, which is why this DIY project is so helpful.

Whether you are a photographer, instagrammer, blogger, shop owner or simply interested in taking styled pictures, this easy homemade photo backdrop will make your images shine.


How to make a DIY painted wood photo backdrop

You can easily obtain wood panels in all sizes at your local hardware store.


  • New wood panels (how many depends on the desired size of backdrop)
  • 2 pieces thin wood strips (long enough to span across the panels)
  • Hammer and short nails
  • Paint
  • Sand paper (optional)


  1. Lay out the wood panels next to each other on the floor, leaving small gaps between them.
  2. Once they are in the right position, lay the thin wood strips across them very close to the top and bottom edges. Nail each strip all across the panels to keep everything in place.
  3. If needed, sand any rough spots off the surfaces or edges, then paint your board any color you wish. If desired, you can create 2 backdrops in 1 by painting each side a different color.


That’s it! Easy peasy, and now your board is ready to serve as a background for your photos.

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