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Take a peek inside the fridges of some of our favorite feminists

Do you have a burning question you’ve always wanted to ask a feminist, but there never seem to be any nearby? Here’s your chance! Every week, SheKnows will be gathering together a handful of raging feminists to answer a question. You can rest assured that each answer comes courtesy of a certified/certifiable badass feminist.

Today’s question: What’s in your fridge?

“Pickles! Not the kind you find on the shelf, either. Good old-fashioned fermented pickles with cloudy blooms of lactic acid bacteria in the brine. Not only are they delicious, I am a firm believer that the probiotics contained in fermented foods keep my digestive tract happy so that the only thing that ever rages within me is feminism.” — Caissie St.Onge

“Kale, spinach, mushrooms, Greek yogurt, feta cheese and eggs (to give me energy to smash the patriarchy) as well as four bottles of beer, six bottles of prosecco and three bottles of rosé (because smashing the patriarchy makes me thirsty.) Oh! And four kinds of mustard (because I’m not a total monster.)” — Nina Bargiel

“Lots of leftovers, Brie (really, a lot of cheese), beer and the end of a very expensive eye liner that I’m saving for special days. I got it in one of those monthly beauty box subscriptions.” — Veronica I. Arreola

“I only have a mini-fridge, so space is a major concern. I’m also flat broke, so groceries are a major thing for me. Staples I always have: salad, blue cheese dressing, chicken, salsa and jack cheese. If I have the money, I get soy milk and yogurt. On special occasions, a big container of tapioca pudding. But I literally eat a combination of chicken, jack cheese and salsa five days a week, so I stockpile when they’re on sale, which is almost always. I drink tap water ’cause it’s free, and I don’t have room in my mini-fridge for any beverages.

This is actually kind of a loaded question, because I am disabled and on food stamps, which recently got cut to $16 a month. Who can live on that? Luckily I don’t have kids, so I only have to worry about feeding myself, but $16 a month when my disability check is gone by week three of the month is kind of a slap in the face. Every time I read about “welfare queens” and how the disabled are “milking the system,” I laugh a bitter laugh because it is so inaccurate and insulting. Today is the 27th of May, and I have $3 in the bank. I will do without until my money comes in. Luckily my bills and rent are paid for the month, but food will be slim for the next week.

Even writing this was difficult, because there are those who would say I don’t deserve the little I have. Could I live without the salad dressing? Sure, and I do more times than not. I am tired of defending my sparse lifestyle to those who would and do spend more on one meal than I do for a week’s worth of groceries. Check your privilege before you verbally slap me for buying salad dressing.” — Miss Banshee

“Breast milk, lime Perrier, beer, potato salad and the lingering echoes of concerned relatives worrying about how hard it will be to get my pre-baby body back. I would say their concerns keep me up at night, but actually it’s the baby… who I feed with the calories I consume while not giving any effs.” — Amanda Deibert

“Two kinds of nut milk (coconut and cashew). Raging Feminists love milk drained from nuts.” — Amy Bickers

“Iced coffee to give me the strength and venom to daily struggle with the patriarchy. Packed lunches to feed my desire for justice. Ingredients for recipes I plan on making to feed a better and brighter future. And filtered water to keep hydrated. Just because that’s always a good thing to be.” — Seraphina Ferraro

“I’m about to go on a big trip to lesbian camp, duh, so right now my fridge is pretty empty, because I’ve been on a mission to eat all I own so it doesn’t go bad. Typically there’s at least one bushel of kale, an onion and some tofu in there, but right now I’m just keeping a loaf of bread for toast and some cream for my coffee in that bad boi.” — Carmen Rios

“Every condiment ever made, because we needed a teaspoon for that recipe we made that one time; large quantities of leftovers just to keep up with the teenaged appetites that live here; just a few blueberries because the teens found them; and a rotting head of celery because apparently teens won’t eat that.” — Jacqueline Bryant Campbell

“Twelve lightly chilled, carbonated bottles of male tears. Asparagus.” — Margaret Corvid

Do you have a question you’ve always wanted a raging feminist to answer? Ask it in the comments below, or tweet @TheMamafesto with the hashtag #RagingFeminist, and maybe your question will be answered in an upcoming column!

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