Here’s how to DIY bright, ombre stationery

Make these bright statement stationery blocks in no time!

Since I remember, I’ve been a big fan of colorful stationery. Pretty paper, neon shades, ombre effects and pops of color are all the things I just can’t resist, and hence need them in my everyday life. If you are wondering why you should make your own, here are a few good reasons: 

Ombre Note Blocks

1. Thanks to the bright colors, you will never look for a piece of paper to note things down (you just can’t miss these!).

2. Those that you find in the shops will cost at least three times more, and often are not in your favorite colors.

3. They are pretty, and you just know you want them!

Convinced? So let’s get started!

Ombre Note Blocks


  • Plain white block notes
  • Spray paints in your favorite colors
  • Hairband (optional)

Tip: Wrapping a hairband before spray painting will add color only to the edges of your note blocks. If you don’t use it, a bit of spray paint will also be visible on top of the paper notes. I have to say, I think I prefer it this way.

In any case, the effect is guaranteed!

Ombre Note Blocks

What colors are you going to use?

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