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14 Things you never knew you could do with an empty wine bottle

Fantastic news for those of us who like to settle down with a nightly glass of the good stuff — a wine bottle has many more uses than holding your favorite juice. Instead of throwing out the next bottle you drain, put it to good use. You can make one of 14 pretty darn cute upcycled wine crafts that will cost you next to nothing.

I’m feeling particularly smug since I have, oh, about a dozen empty wine bottles in my recycling bin right now. Instead of being given the side-eye by the neighbors whenever I take my recycling to the curb, I can lighten my load and put these old wine bottles to good use. I can also add one more solid justification to my nightly-glass-of-wine-habit list: wine bottle upcycling.

Now I feel extra smug.

I scoured social media to find the best and most economical uses for an old bottle of wine. Pour yourself that last glass of your favorite bottle, pull up a chair at your craft table and repeat after me — I drink for the sake of the art.

1. Bird feeder

So, this list is starting out with a bang. You can turn the average wine bottle into an ultra-creative bird feeder with some twine, burlap, a cork disc, a drill and a hot glue gun.

2. Candleholder

We all know you can buy adorbs wine bottle candleholders on Etsy, but why would you spend $30 on something you can do yourself? Before you venture into wine-bottle-cutting territory, laminate this easy DIY glass bottle cutting tutorial and post it on your refrigerator. You’re going to need it.

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3. Color-coordinated vase
This wine bottle painting tutorial is so easy, even I could do it. Bonus: You can use the tutorial to upcycle both wine bottles and Mason jars to fit with any color scheme in your house.

4. Custom-painted centerpiece

Use this tutorial to carefully remove all labels and glue from your fave bottle of wine and then unleash your inner artiste.

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