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Chilling Charlie Charlie game creeps out the internet

If you ever attended a sleepover, you probably played with a Ouija board or attempted a terrifying round of Bloody Mary and freaked the heck out over what you thought you saw. Well, there’s a new demonic game these days called the Charlie Charlie Challenge, and it’s spreading like crazy thanks to the internet.

The object: to conjure up a Mexican spirit who is, of course, named Charlie. Playing is simple: You draw two intersecting lines on a piece of paper, making four boxes. Then you write “no” in two and “yes” in the others. Finally you place two pencils on top, crossing one over the other so the top one can spin.

“Charlie, Charlie, are you there?” or “Charlie, Charlie, can we play?” you say out loud. Then the pencil supposedly starts to move to signify his presence. If he’s there, you can ask the demon questions about life and love — or just run away screaming. Many are posting their reactions to social media with the hashtag #CharlieCharlie. The results are chilling… or hilarious, depending on how much of a believer you are.

I have about as much belief in this as I did at those slumber parties way back when — little to none, but you couldn’t pay me to chant those words.

Are you a believer?

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