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12 Sure signs it’s time to buy a new car

No shade intended, but if you’re reading this, chances are it’s probably time to upgrade that old ride to something from this millennium.

I get it. You two have a bond that will never be broken. You’ve had a great ride, you and that old broken-down car. Some really great memories, too. But admit it, these signs it’s time to think about a new car probably apply to you.

1. You’re starting to get the feeling people are tired of giving you rides

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2. The brakes on your car aren’t quite as responsive as they once were

Car with bad brakes

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3. Maybe someone took your car on a joyride


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4. Or there’s been a new addition to the family


Image: Giphy

5. Was this you on one or more morning commutes this quarter?

car broke down

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6. Or how about this?


Image: Giphy

7. At this point, you need a team working full-time to keep that old jalopy running


Image: Giphy

8. And, please, just face it: Your sound system suuuuucks


Image: Giphy

9. Forget horsepower, how much does your car rely on dog power?


Image: Giphy

10. Is this the reaction you get when you offer to drive?


Image: Giphy

12. It’s time to accept it: Your car is less “vintage” and more “clunker”


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12. And start thinking about how hot you’ll look in a brand new car


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