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The Weave Loan Store opens its doors and stirs huge beauty debate (VIDEO)

Beautiful hair can cost a pretty penny, but now one business wants to help you go into debt over it. Best or worst idea ever?

A good weave can run into the hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars, and that’s a big chunk of change to lay out all at once. Enter The Weave Loan Store — sort of like a payday loan, but for your hair.

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Is this for real? Claiming to have a brick-and-mortar office supposedly located on 8 Mile in Detroit — made famous by the Eminem biopic as not exactly the ritziest of ‘hoods — they don’t list a more specific address but do give a phone number, which does work.

The company’s video and pitch definitely made waves once people made their way to its Facebook page.

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But don’t even think about defaulting on your weave loan, because they will snatch that hair right back, girl.

That’s a joke. We think.

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They say the economy has all but recovered from the misery that was 2008, but there must still be a lot of people facing hard times if this business is really a thing. Is it really any different from a plastic surgery loan, though? Plenty of women finance breast augmentations and tummy tucks, so why not new hair?

Tell us: Would you finance your hair?

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