5 Summer scents straight from the boardwalk

Sweeten up your home’s interior with luscious new aromas from Yankee Candle.

Beach Holiday. Every time you light this candle, you will be transported to that family vacation by the shore: building castles in the sand, riding the Ferris wheel on the boardwalk, struggling with that falling beach umbrella. No matter where you live, Beach Holiday brings the clean, fresh scent of the ocean’s salty air right into your home.

Beach Holiday candle

Image: Yankee Candle

Cotton Candy. Mmmm. On a stick or in a bag, cotton candy is that melt-in-your-mouth treat you never outgrow. This yummy candle will nearly satisfy your craving for that perfect childhood treat. Really live the experience: Make your own cotton candy at home!

Cotton Candy Candle

Image: Yankee Candle

Salt Water Taffy. The go-to gift to bring friends and family at home, salt water taffy is a beach tradition. Every sweet piece is worth the effort of peeling the waxy paper away from the quickly melting candy. And who hasn’t been surprised to find a leftover piece in the bottom of the suitcase when packing for the next trip?

Salt Water Taffy Candle

Image: Yankee Candle

White Chocolate Apple. What a perfect way to meet one of your daily fruit requirements: Take a fresh, juicy apple and coat it with creamy white chocolate. Too decadent? Just light this candle for calorie-free enjoyment.

white chocolate apple candy

Image: Yankee Candle

Wild Sea Grass. Ah, there’s nothing like strolling through sand dunes covered with dewy sea grass. This candle perfectly captures that breezy, salty scent… you can almost feel that sand between your toes. Close your eyes and picture yourself at the Outer Banks or Cape Cod. Perfect.

wild seagrass candle

Image: Yankee Candle

Buy your favorite scent at Yankee Candle:

$28, large tumbler or jar candle
$25, medium jar candle
$16, small tumbler candle
$11, small jar candle
$10, tea lights (set of 12)
$2, Tarts® wax melt or Samplers® votive candle

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