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15 Awesome things every nerd girl must own

Who says adults have to put away childish things? Deck out your apartment or woman cave (or even yourself) with all the nerd gear of your dreams, and tell all your critics to go frak themselves.

1. R2-D2 & C-3PO BFFs forever necklaces

artoo threepio bff necklace

Image: Rapscallion Design/Etsy

Give either the Artoo or Threepio necklace to your bestie and keep the other for yourself — because nothing says unbreakable friendship like the world’s most iconic BRFs (best ro-buds forever). (Etsy, $21)

2. Personalized sound print

voice print

Image: NewtonAndTheApple/Etsy

Whether you choose your favorite song or your own voice speaking your favorite movie line, this personalized voice print wall art is one of a kind. (Etsy, $53)

3. Chain mail bikini tops

chain mail bikini

Image: Back to Earth Creations

OK, so you can’t go swimming in a chain mail bikini, but how cool will you look at that beach party? Just wear a smaller top under it and stash the chain mail in your bag when you go in. (Back to Earth Creations, prices vary)

4. Shower squid

shower squid

Image: UncommonGoods

Part shower caddy, part no-hassle pet, a shower squid lets you keep all your girly-scented shower products in easy reach. When you’re ready for a vacay, just toss the whole thing into a waterproof bag and toss it in your suitcase (Warning: that won’t work if you’re going on an airplane!). (UncommonGoods, $36)

5. Jayne’s hat from Firefly

jayne's hat from firefly

Image: ThinkGeek

Yeah, I know it’s a dude in the pic, but if you aren’t Adam Baldwin, you have to be a special guy to pull off a Jayne hat (see above for proof). Ladies, we can pull this off all day long. As much as we all wanted Captain Reynolds (all hail Nathan Fillion!), you know they were all awesome — even when they could be plotting against the rest of the crew just for their own selfish reasons but at least they always had awesome guns and always turned out to be good guys in the end even if they didn’t want to. (ThinkGeek, $25)

6. Crawling zombie gnome

crawling zombie gnome

Image: RevenantFX/Etsy

That annoying Travelocity gnome will think twice before showing up at your place unannounced thanks to this adorably horrific zombie gnome. I wonder what would happen if you put the key to your house in its mouth. (Etsy, $55) 

7. Flux capacitor USB car charger

flux capacitor car charger

Image: ThinkGeek

How do you make your car just a little geekier? Two USB charging ports. How do you make it full-on nerd street legal? If the two-device USB car charger resembles a flux capacitor. Suck on that, Doc. (ThinkGeek, $25)

8. Character boots knee-high socks

girl superhero knee high socks

Image: ThinkGeek

Your secret identity will be preserved so long as you wear these superhero socks under pants. Get these kick-ass gal “boots” in the form of Black Widow, Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman. (ThinkGeek, $15)

9. There’s no place like door/floor mat

there's no place like 127,0.0.1 door mat

Image: ThinkGeek

This doormat will always remind you that there’s no place like home — no special shoes required. (ThinkGeek, $60)

10. Chewie and Han Calvin and Hobbes shirt

chewie and han calvin and hobbes shirt

Image: Nifteez

Two nerd-doms collide in this now-epic coveted T-shirt. Calvin and Hobbes live out every nerd’s ultimate dream as the second-most ultimate MBFFs (man and big furry friend) — Han Solo and Chewbacca. (Etsy, $15)

11. Polished meteorite sphere

polished meteorite

Image: This Is Why I’m Broke

Queen Bey was wrong about putting a ring on it. Seriously, girl, put a rock on it. No need to wear it around all the time, though. This gorgeous polished meteorite costs as much as (or more than) many engagement rings, but it’s so much prettier, and when it’s sitting on your nightstand, you won’t wrack it on stuff all the time (that’s a thing for everyone else, too, right?). (This Is Why I’m Broke, $12,000) 

12. Quidditch beer pong

beer pong quidditch

Image: This Is Why I’m Broke

Quidditch plus beer pong. Any questions? (This Is Why I’m Broke, $30)

13. Duck Hunt repurposed painting

duck hunt painting

Image: This Is Why I’m Broke

Eco-friendly? Invest in common hotel nature paintings… repurposed with the nemesis fowls from Duck Hunt. (This Is Why I’m Broke, $30)

14. Wicked Witch bookmark

wicked witch of the west bookmark

Image: This Is Why I’m Broke

If you still get a thrill from the crack of a real book spine and the smell of ink on paper, you have to have this Wicked Witch of the East bookmark. (This Is Why I’m Broke, $25)

15. Life-size Japanese MechWarrior

life-size mech warrior

Image: This Is Why I’m Broke

Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! If you happen to have some cash lying around, this mech means no one will ever make fun of your nerdy habits again. Betcha wish you had this back in high school! (This Is Why I’m Broke, $1 million) — If you have a Groupon for this, please @-reply me @HireHeather.

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