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9 Ways we gush with glee over 3-day weekends

The three-day weekend is the holy grail for any 9-to-5er, working mom, family, child and pet. It’s a wonderful time when Thursdays are more like Fridays, and Fridays are reminiscent of fairy dust and vacation dreams.

It’s Friday, but not really, because you’ve decided to work from home or not show up at all. Difference is, everyone is totally doing this, so it’s deemed OK. With Memorial Day falling upon us, we decided to relay the rush of emotions we all feel when it comes to Mondays off!


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1. Coming into work on Friday is optional. Yes!

Hell Yeah Gif

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2. You’ve started your pre-party moment on Thursday night.


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3. You’re dreaming about barbecue.


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4. If you’re heading out of town, you’re excited yet half dreading the family car ride.


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5. You’re somewhat salty because your boss took Thursday off.


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6. You’ve stocked up on entertainment for the weekend.


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7. You’re finally about to spring clean… for real this time.


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8. OK! Scratch that last one. You are totally cleaning your house on Monday. Right?

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9. You underestimated how cold the beach would be during the first weekend.


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Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, everyone, and don’t forget to remember our troops. Thank you for all that you do!


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