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13 Modern ways to paint your walls

Don’t just slap plain old paint on the walls and call it a day.

Use one of these tricks to add more style and personality to your rooms. They’re not as tricky as you think, and they’ll make a world of difference in your home.

1. Play with your colors

Don’t be afraid to go bold with your colors. It’s scary at first, but you’ll love the look when you’re finished.

2. Do an accent wall

You don’t have to commit to a bold color on all four walls. Put it on just one and go neutral with the rest of the room. You’ll still make a statement without overdoing it.

3. Go with stripes

Stripes are fun, but they’re not too crazy. Put them on just one wall if you’re not sure, but they’ll make a great impact on all four.

4. Break out the stencils

Use stencils to make one wall your focal point. It gives the look of wallpaper, but it’s easier to put on — and take off later.

5. Paint a chalkboard

Not only does chalkboard paint look great, it’s actually useful.

6. Try polka dots

Go big or go home, right? These hand-painted polka dots are bright, cheery and a great way to incorporate several colors into one wall. If you choose to create busy walls like these, stick to solids with most of your decor to avoid pattern overload.

 7. Paint the ceiling

Go neutral on your walls and make your guests look up to find the pop of color.

8. Use a sponge

Add texture to your walls by ditching the brushes for a sponge.

9. Paint a picture

Don’t hang a picture on your wall – paint it there.

10. Have fun with shapes

Create a pattern of shapes on your wall using shaped sponges. Try varying sizes of the same shape to make things interesting.

11. Go for gloss

Use a high-gloss paint to make sure your room always shines.

12. Experiment with ombre

Ombre isn’t just for hair and T-shirts. You’ll love it on your walls, too.

13. Paint the trim

Keep the walls quiet and let your trim do the talking for once.

This post was brought to you by HGTV Home by Sherwin-Williams, available at Lowe’s.

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