How one defining moment can give you the courage to change your life

Last month, BlogHer Co-founder Lisa Stone kicked off our “official” conversation and celebration around #BlogHer15 with her thoughts about what calling the #BlogHer15 Conference “Experts Among Us” really means:

BlogHer15: Experts Among Us - Defining moments

“We ALL are experts in something right now, no matter how personal, small or difficult—an expertise we developed because we fell passionately into some pursuit or interest or life-change.

On BlogHer and SheKnows, we’ve been sharing posts by Experts in subjects as diverse as dog training, job-seeking, and fashion and beauty.

What do all these experts have in common? We all start at that defining moment when we realize a passion and start to pursue it.

Today, we’re starting a conversation about our defining moments. They can be unmissable and life-changing (as you’ll hear in some extraordinary stories coming up on BlogHer and SheKnows) or very small and not realized until much later: a quiet voice in your head saying, Oh. I get it now.

I’ve heard from so many women who were frustrated that they couldn’t find what they looking for. And then one day it hit them: Oh. NOBODY else is doing this. It’s MY thing to do.

I’ve also seen so many of us reach a defining moment because they saw all sorts of people pursuing the same passion, and they suddenly realized: Wait. ALL these people can do this. I can, too.

Most people have more than a single insight that defines our lives. One great example is the insight Glennon of Momastery shared last year. As she was getting ready to speak at a conference and feeling depleted, she was given a bracelet that said “Courage” and didn’t appreciate the message:

I keep having to have courage. I really truly feel sometimes that I might just run out of courage like a car runs out of gas. I wished the message on the bracelet said: just go ahead and chill for a while.

A few minutes later, a very strange thing happened. A different lady walked up to me and handed me another bracelet that looked exactly like the courage bracelet—except that it said: Today. My eyes widened. I put it on and it sat right under the first bracelet so that the message became “Courage Today.” This message clicked. Just today. Just have courage today, Glennon. One day at a time. Today is all that matters.

Courage today

Image: Glennon Doyle Melton, used with permission. Bracelets: MudLove

The idea of “temporary courage” is such an amazing way to frame so much tough stuff—challenge, responsibility, risk—without having to be An Amazing Person all the time. We love this idea so much that (with Glennon’s blessing—thank you, Glennon!) we’ll also be challenging you to take #CourageToday in ways big and small to move yourself forward.

Stay tuned for posts by all sorts of Experts about their defining moments, and ways you can join in the conversation and share your own. And if you haven’t had (or haven’t recognized) a defining moment, we’ll be sharing some tips to workshop your own. (Hint: Challenging yourself to have #CourageToday is always a good starting point.) And we’ll be hosting ah-mazing community members sharing their defining moments at #BlogHer15: Experts Among Us in July. In fact, it’s the theme of this year’s 10×10 presentations that will take to the main stage. (so register here if you haven’t already—you don’t want to miss them.)

When did you realize a passion, or come to an insight that motivated you? Or are you unsure you’ve had a defining moment yet? I’d love to hear in the comments—or if you talk about this on your blog or social, hashtag it #DefiningMoments so everyone can see it!


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