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Father abandons child in a field, puts pet ownership in perspective (VIDEO)

Each year millions of pets are taken to shelters or abandoned in North America alone. Some will be adopted, while many will be euthanized. It’s not new information, and many initiatives have been created to help address the problem. Pets should be considered a lifelong commitment, and nothing has ever made that point more powerfully than this video.

Aptly named Gift, the video was created for a Hungarian animal health organization and directed by Zsófia Zsemberi. The short film is described as “a gift to all living creatures on the planet.” The creators hoped the message would be far-reaching and actually have an impact. It’s impossible to watch it without feeling something, and with 5 million views and counting, it’s fair to say they’re well on their way to achieving this goal.

Father joyfully picks up child from what appears to be an orphanage.

The child joins the family, and everyone is elated.

The family dotes on the child and showers her with attention.

They enjoy family activities together.

But then it gets hard.

The child wants attention, but Mom is busy.

The child wants to play, but Dad is busy too.

The child is messy.

The family decides they just can’t handle the child anymore.

The father takes the child to a field, throws her toy and drives off.

What the father sees in his rear-view mirror will surprise you and make the point of this video very clear.

Watch the full story.

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