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The 25 best cities to find your dream job

The site that lets you talk trash about your former employer, Glassdoor, has just released its list of the 25 best cities for finding your dream job. And it’s pretty darn surprising.

Turns out American job seekers just want a decent job and a home in a nice neighborhood to raise their families. Doesn’t sound unreasonable. And they’re willing to relocate to find it.

The new research shows that job seekers are starting to turn away from big cities with crushingly expensive costs of living, like New York City and San Francisco, toward midsize cities like Louisville and Kansas City, with great middle-class neighborhoods and good jobs, Glassdoor says.

The reason? The prospect of owning a home and raising a family in the middle-class American tradition.

“While these cities may not have scorching tech job growth, they make up for it with low housing costs compared to paychecks and affordable middle-class neighborhoods,” Glassdoor says about its list.

Cities on the list were scored by Glassdoor on three factors: job opportunities, cost of living and employee job satisfaction.

Which city took the top spot? Raleigh, North Carolina.

Employers like IBM, Cisco and SAS offer good-paying, high-satisfaction jobs, and Raleigh’s affordable neighborhoods are great places to raise a family.

“Raleigh is also situated in the famous ‘Research Triangle’ and has several universities feeding skilled workers to employers,” Glassdoor says. “Couple this with Raleigh’s walkable neighborhoods and affordable homes, it’s no surprise that Raleigh stands out as the best city for jobs.”

Here are the rest of the top 25 cities for job seekers according to Glassdoor.

25. Nashville, Tennessee

24. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

23. Richmond, Virginia

22. Baltimore, Maryland

21. Houston, Texas

20. Chicago, Illinois

19. Indianapolis, Indiana

18. Memphis, Tennessee

17. Atlanta, Georgia

16. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota

15. Boston, Massachusetts

14. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

13. Columbus, Ohio

12. San Francisco, California

11. St. Louis, Missouri

10. Washington, DC

9. San Antonio, Texas

8. Louisville, Kentucky

7. San Jose, California

6. Salt Lake City, Utah

5. Seattle, Washington

4. Austin, Texas

3. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

2. Kansas City, Missouri

1. Raleigh, North Carolina

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