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27 Things to store in Mason jars

Versatile Mason jars can be used for far more than pickling and preserving. Use them in every room of the house to add instant charm.

Mason jars in the kitchen

Beyond the jams, salsas and compotes you have stored in the pantry, consider using Mason jars for items you need every day, like baking supplies:

mason jar baking supplies

Image: Getty Images

Stack the makings of a lunch salad in a Mason jar to make it perfectly transportable:

mason jar salads

Image: bonchan/Getty Images

Serve cereal in a Mason jar — the kids will eat it up!

mason jar cereal

Image: Sarah Palmer/Getty Images

Mason jars in the bathroom

Professional home stager Tori Toth frequently uses Mason jars in her staging. She likes them for displaying seashells…

mason jar seashells

Image: Ottilie_S/Getty Images

and hair accessories, cotton balls and swabs.

mason jars cotton swabs

Image: Jupiterimages/Getty Images

Also, bath beads and bath salts!

mason jar bath salts

Image: Malgorzata Biernikiewicz/Getty Images

Mason jars in the family room

Toth stages family rooms with Mason jars containing colorful accessories, such as checkers, dice,

mason jars dice

Image: Getty Images


mason jar marbles

Image: Getty Images

jigsaw puzzle pieces,

mason jar jigsaw puzzle

Image: Getty Images

and tiny toys!

mason jar toys

Image: Getty Images

Mason jars outdoors

Host a gathering on your deck or patio lit with votive-filled Mason jars.

mason jar candles

Image: Photo taken by Matt Healy/Getty Images

Let the kids collect butterflies, dragonflies and fireflies with Mason jars (don’t forget to punch breathing holes in the lids!).

mason jar bugs

Image: Getty Images

Afterward, serve lemonade in the jars. The home cleaning and organizing experts at BrightNest promise, “Drinks are more refreshing that way… honest!”

mason jar lemonade

Image: Getty Images

Mason jars for the seasons

Celebrate each season or holiday with a rotating Mason jar display. Think candy hearts for Valentine’s Day, 

mason jar candy hearts

Image: Getty Images

marshmallow peeps and jellybeans for Easter, tiny gourds and pine cones for fall

mason jar pine cones

Image: YekoPhotoStudio/Getty Images

and pretty bows or ornaments for Christmas.

mason jar ornaments

Image: Catherine Lane/Getty Images

Mason jars around the rest of the home

Look for small things you want to store and/or display. At the end of each work day, toss extra change into Mason jars (each designated for something specific, like a mini vacation or new shoes). Watch how quickly it adds up!

mason jar spare change

Image: JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images

Keep your pet goldfish in a Mason jar instead of a fishbowl.

mason jar goldlfish

Image: Photography by Jacqueline Foss/Flickr/Getty Images

Create colorful displays of craft supplies and notions.

mason jar vintage buttons

Image: Getty Images

Add rustic charm to cut flowers by substituting a Mason jar for a crystal vase.

mason jar cut flowers

Image: angie marie photography/Getty Images

Create a darling little Mason jar terrarium to add a bit of life to a bookshelf or side table.

mason jar terrarium

Image: Getty Images

The possibilities really are endless. Ana from Coastal Creative Events in Savannah has been crafting with Mason jars for events for more than 10 years. “I like to mix colors and create ombre designs, stripes and rainbows, too.” This sea glass looks gorgeous!

mason jar sea glass

Image: Getty Images

Want more Mason jar ideas? Find tons of inspiration at Sussle. Founder Chuck Kao describes Sussle as “Pinterest meets Wikipedia,” and Mason jars just happen to be one of thousands of topics covered on the site.

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