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Makeup confessions: 10 Things we do that we probably shouldn’t

We all have our makeup secrets, right? I never wash my makeup brushes. Well, maybe once or twice a year. I know, I know. But I’m not alone. The ladies of Reddit have their own makeup confessions to share.

Putting on makeup will always be a little like playing dress up

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“I have over 50 eyeshadow palettes and don’t know how to properly wear them. I adore eyeshadow so much but I just can’t do it on myself. It always ends up looking like 1 big messy color done by a blind 4 year old.”

The scary hungover look is deliberate – honest

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“Sometimes when I am hungover I don’t do my makeup well but still feel like it is more acceptable than no makeup hangover face because then people will at least THINK I made an effort.”

It’s messy, sooo messy

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“I make such a mess when I do my makeup. I have to wear a bathrobe otherwise I will get foundation, lipstick, eye liner, etc. all over my clothes. I’ve ruined a couple good shirts while shopping at Ulta.”

We all do “makeup face”

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“I have this weird face I pull when I’m applying blush. I know I look crazy, but I can’t stop doing it.”

The slept-in look is just easier sometimes

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“I usually go to sleep with my makeup on. It saves me the hassle of doing it again the next morning.”

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Enough products to fill a landfill

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“I have a drawer full of eyeshadow that I have hoarded for years and refuse to throw away. Half of them are total crap. Doesn’t mean they’re going anywhere, though.”

Rules? What rules?

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“The whole thing that says you can’t wear dramatic lips with dramatic eyes is completely ignored by me. When I’m wearing makeup, I’m wearing all the fun stuff!”

Makeup can take two minutes — or two hours

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“My makeup takes exactly as long as my son’s nap, no matter how long that is. If he sleeps for two hours, I’m absolutely spending all that time in front of the mirror.”

Leaving the makeup comfort zone is hard

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“I’m scared of eyeshadow… used to be a massive tomboy and the idea of having pretty, colourful eyes (more likely smudged panda eyes) worries me a little because it’d be a massive change and I’d feel so weird seeing it on.”

We just can’t chuck that 7-year-old lipstick

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“I still have the first mac lipstick I ever bought… and use it on a regular basis as it won’t end but still smells like Vanilla. I bought it in 2008.”

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