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Nutty neighbor’s lawn art is totally tacky, but is it obscene?

When does terribly tacky rise to the level of being just plain obscene? That’s what one Pennsylvania neighborhood is asking after a years-long battle with Tony Papadimitriou to get him to take down his wacky lawn art display they say is just raunchy and ugly.


Image: WGAL/YouTube

They might have a point.

Scantily clad mannequins painted bright, Pepto Bismol pink and, strangely, a hot pink nightstand with a sign that says “One night stand” are just a couple of the elements of this exhibit that really can’t be doing much for his neighbors’ property values.

one night stand

Image: WGAL/YouTube

“I like to be different,” Papadimitriou says. No kidding!


Image: WGAL/YouTube

And although he adds that neighbors have called the police multiple times over the lawn art, he doesn’t have to take it down, because it is legally classified as art and protected speech.


Image: WGAL/YouTube

Papadimitriou isn’t without credentials; he’s a former art major at Millersville University. He also defends the display by pointing out that all sorts of people drive by his front yard, honk and give him the thumbs-up sign.

So what do you think? Is this obscene or just tacky? Would you mind sharing a neighborhood with this lawn art display? Love to know what you think.

Here’s more on Tony Papadimitriou and his insistence that his lawn art is a thing of artistic beauty. Eye of the beholder and all that, I guess.

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