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We can’t believe that a U.K. adult doesn’t know who the Prime Minister is

If you haven’t already heard of Devon Boon you may want to prepare yourself. She’s been splashed all over the papers this week and is set to appear on This Morning. She’s a 21-year-old mother from Stoke-on-Trent and the reason for her 15 minutes of fame is simple: she doesn’t know who David Cameron is.

Well, presumably she does now but she didn’t last week — despite the fact that Cameron had won the most intense general election for decades just a few days previously.

Following a conversation with her cousin — who also didn’t know who the current Prime Minister was — about why they kept seeing mentions of David Cameron all over Facebook, Boon decided to ask nearly 2,000 Facebook friends: “Who’s David Cameron and why do people keep posting about him?” (Oh, if only she had just Googled it.)

Boon later deleted her post, which was met with shock and disbelief from many of her friends, but not before it had been screen-grabbed and shared on social media accounts across the U.K.

Another gem from Boon was, “I don’t follow politics lol don’t see the point in Tony Blair and who ever else bin laden [sic]” and she also referred to Barack Obama as a terrorist but has since argued that she got him mixed up with Osama Bin Laden.

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Boon, who is currently on maternity leave from her job as a customer advisor at an insurance company, told The Sun: “I don’t watch the news or read the newspapers so I’d never heard of [David Cameron] until people started talking about him last week. I thought he must be a celebrity or something.

“The last I heard, Tony Blair was the Prime Minister,” she continued. “But I don’t think it’s my fault. I don’t watch the news and we didn’t get taught about politics in school so why should I be expected to know these things? They should teach you about the government and politics and mortgages at school.”

Boon said she was aware that a general election was taking place but admitted, “I wouldn’t have a clue what to do if someone told me to go and vote. I actually thought you had to pay to vote […] I don’t think I’m the only young person in this position. Loads of my friends didn’t vote and didn’t know about David Cameron either. He’s obviously not doing enough to get our attention.”

Boon let slip on her Facebook page today that she’s going down to London to appear on This Morning on Thursday. Perhaps she could take the opportunity to visit the Houses of Parliament while she’s there.

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