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We’ve got 99 funny dog names from pop culture — and Anderson Pooper is one

Funny dog names based on silly words

  1. Bumfuzzle
  2. Collywobbles
  3. Fopdoodle
  4. Gardyloo
  5. Gubbins
  6. Lollygag
  7. Mollycoddle
  8. Sassafras
  9. Schnigglepeuf (supposedly, this means an enjoyable fart)
  10. Snickersnee
  11. Tara Diddle
  12. Toondoo
  13. Wallaby
  14. Widdershins

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Just plain funny and punny dog names

  1. Countess Von Scuttlebutt
  2. D.J. Doggywampus
  3. Defense Secretary Waggles (for a guard dog or small yapper) 
  4. Donglebum
  5. DOTUS (Dog of the United States)
  6. Droolina
  7. Earl Yippington III
  8. Eleventeen
  9. Flee/Fleigh (the latter for a girl)
  10. Fu Dog Chew
  11. Grrrrace
  12. Knucklehead Wonderpup
  13. Lord/Lady Lapdog
  14. Madame Barklouder
  15. Mittens (especially for a large-breed “tough” dog like a doberman)
  16. Mr./Ms. Kitty
  17. Mrs. Mugglesworth
  18. Pickles McPorkchop
  19. Piewacket
  20. Rear Admiral Dan/Ann Ruffington
  21. Rudy Loosebooty
  22. Sir Yaps-a-lot
  23. Tomato/Tom-ah-to

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Originally published May 2015. Updated Oct. 2016.

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