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We’ve got 99 funny dog names from pop culture — and Anderson Pooper is one

Sometimes, being punny feels so right it can’t be wrong. And while we know your friends and family are probably going to moan and groan at a pun-based dog name, we can’t get enough of these silly names with a double meaning. We’ve also added in some totally nonsensical doggie names to keep things interesting.

Because honestly. Clever dog names like Billie Howliday, Bark Obama and Sasha Fierce are way too good to pass up. At the very least, one of these snappy names will make for a great icebreaker at the dog park.

Funny dog names based on famous people

  1. A-fleas Ansari
  2. Anderson Pooper
  3. Bark Obama
  4. Bark Wahlberg
  5. Barkevious Dingo
  6. Barking Madoff
  7. Billie Howliday
  8. Brad Sit
  9. Chuck Norris (for a small or fancy dog)
  10. Diggy Azalea
  11. Dog Johnson
  12. J.K. Growling
  13. Jack London
  14. James Earl Bones
  15. Jim Barksons
  16. Julio Diglesias
  17. L.L. Drool J
  18. Katy Pawry
  19. Maria Sha-ruff-pova
  20. Ma Barker
  21. Notorious D.I.G. (or Diggie Smalls)
  22. Pawtrick Stewart
  23. Piss Hardwick
  24. Rosa Barks
  25. Ruth Bader Ginsbark
  26. Sinéad O’Collar
  27. Sir Francis Bacon
  28. Snarls Barkley
  29. Sophia Vergrrra
  30. Spambot
  31. Tina Spay
  32. Queen Elizabark
  33. Vera Fang
  34. William Shakespaw

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Funny dog names based on pop culture

  1. Bilbo Fleabaggins
  2. C3 Pee-O
  3. Chalupa Batman
  4. Darth Maul (for a small, harmless dog)
  5. Deputy Dawg
  6. Fuzzbucket
  7. Hairy Pawter
  8. Hamburglar
  9. Jabba the Mutt
  10. Lady Lump (perfect for a lazy dog)
  11. McGruff the Crime Dog
  12. Mr. McGiblet
  13. Mulligan
  14. Nerf Herder
  15. Orko
  16. Princess Pee
  17. Ramen
  18. Salacious B. Crumb (perhaps for Jabba the Mutt’s sidekick)
  19. Sasha Fierce (for a cowardly dog)
  20. Weeny Cooper (for a dachshund)
  21. Scarlet O’Hairy
  22. Turtle O’Power
  23. Ubu
  24. Underdog
  25. Virginia Woof
  26. Whoopi
  27. Winnie the Poodle
  28. Xena Waggly Princess

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