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Redo your powder room in one weekend with these easy upgrades

Lisette Harrington

Since moving into our first home in November, it’s been one fun project after another. But it’s been so much fun entering into all of these projects that I’ve done a terrible job documenting it all so far, not because I’ve been lazy, but because the projects aren’t completely done. I tend to start a million projects all at once, which ends up with an angry face looking at me (no names shall be mentioned).

Let’s be honest; as a homeowner, you will never be done with projects around the house. I think a house tour is overdue, don’t you think? Please don’t judge! We sold most of our belongings before our move to Georgia, and then shed even more items on our move to Florida, so we kind of ended up with less stuff than we had imagined. Oops.

Just another reason to shop and daydream, right?

Our house was built in 2008, which coincided with one of the worst recessions in our country. So the builders cut lots of corners and we have lots of builder-grade materials. Like, cheap light fixtures (if any!) in most of the bedrooms. All of our bathrooms have $10 light fixtures. We will replace them eventually, but I think deciding on paint colors is a priority.

In the meantime, we’ve started swapping out some fixtures (all to be featured here real soon, promise!) in certain rooms. Today I’d like to share with you our powder room. While it still is in dire need of a paint job, I wanted to show you what you can do on a small budget and in one weekend.

Here it was in all its builder-grade glory:


I wish I could tell you that I could remove that mirrored medicine cabinet next to the mirror, but it is recessed into the wall, so it’s staying put for now.

Don’t adjust your screens. You really did just travel back to 1999, complete with dingy, yellow lighting. Don’t you just love that mirror? That was the first thing that I needed gone. The faucet also left a lot to be desired. Thankfully the pedestal sink gave me something to work with and lends beautifully to a powder room.


Ah! Much better! I replaced my old tired faucet with a shiny new Delta Kinley faucet from Home Depot.

After 1

If there was one thing that bothered me in this room, it was the builder-grade mirror above the pedestal sink. I found a gorgeous mirror at Kohl’s and swiftly replaced the old mirror with this one. It adds a certain fancy flair to the space.

Gray has become one of my favorite colors. It’s the new black! Almost. It is a light and airy color that just relaxes me. Paired with white, it feels super clean. I chose a simple patterned towel set in gray that has a tone-on-tone motif, and paired it with a gorgeous diamond-patterned gray area rug.


Since I like a neutral palette around me in textiles, and this space lacks natural sunlight, I felt that it also needed something organic and bright (that I could easily swap out if it overwhelmed me). Colors are more influential to our state of mind than we often realize. These gorgeous forsythia branches certainly brighten up the space!

Splash of yellow

Opposite the floral arrangement is the toilet. I wanted to find some artwork that would tie everything together, but I wasn’t able to find pieces that fit in. My friend Heather, who was very involved in helping me with this makeover, suggested a gallery wall next to the mirror. I found four identical white frames and purchased scrapbooking paper and framed it. Yes, scrapbooking paper!

Wall art

I love leopard and many other animal prints, and this was the perfect opportunity to dress up the room to add a punch of color. I also love peacock feathers. I found a peacock feather pattern paper, but down the road I may replace it with actual peacock feathers as the paper seems a little faded. I also chose an ombre yellow piece (as a nod to the forsythia) and a pearlized white paper. It’s really hard to see in the pictures because the new mirror casts a shadow on this side of the wall, but it’s gorgeous.

I finished off the room with a little wire basket with some bath towels and more greenery for color.

Wal art

Do you have a room you recently made over? I’d love to take a look!

After 2

Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration between Home Depot and SheKnows.

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