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Easy ways to add farmhouse charm to your kitchen when you’re renting

My favorite style these days is farmhouse decor. I love that so many homes have taken a modern approach to this classic style while still preserving the basics of what you would find in a true farmhouse out on a dirt road.

My family recently lived on a dirt road among the farming fields surrounded by horses and lots of wildlife. It really was a modern farmhouse! But, it was a rental. Our situation there was temporary. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite ways to bring the farmhouse charm into your rental kitchen! I used several of these ideas myself, and as you read, you’ll see which ideas are still a staple in our current home.


Image: DesignSponge

HomeDepot sink

Image: HomeDepot

If the owners allow it, consider swapping out an old faucet with a fitting new one that enhances your kitchen sink. This Allentown pull-down kitchen faucet is awesome for an updated farmhouse sink!

Kitchen scale

Image: ThePleatedPoppy

In my opinion, a scale is essential in a farmhouse style kitchen! I love the scale in my kitchen, and it goes wherever we move. Whether it is a standing scale or a hanging scale like this one below, look at how easily you can hang it and how much it dresses up the space! I often put fruit in ours but I adore these dishtowels.

Classic white pitchers

White vase

Image: Ikea

Another one of my favorite touches is using classic white pitchers to organize and display various kitchen utensils. Often, rental spaces are short on storage space, so decorating with your kitchen utensils is not only pretty, it maximizes the kitchen’s space. I place the white pitchers near the scale because they go perfectly together.


Image: Farmhouse5540

An absolute essential in any modern farmhouse style kitchen is a chalkboard! If you’re not able to paint a chalkboard onto your walls, which so many rental homes don’t allow, consider buying the peel-and stick version to create the identical style! I love that this chalkboard wall is decorated with a ladder shelf drying rack and a display of wooden rolling pins.

Mason jar drying racks

Image: Thistle Wood Farms

Love Mason jars as much as I do? Did you know that they make hanging Mason jar drying racks? Again, they will save you space and look adorable with the rest of your kitchen decor. Plus, when you move, it goes with you!

Fresh flowers

Image: tumblr

Finally, add color to your farmhouse-style rental kitchen with fresh flowers! Wildflowers are my favorite, but use what you have around you. Stack up various apple crates or trunks and find old watering cans and fill up the display to make it look like you just brought the flowers home. What if you don’t have flowers outside? Consider purchasing inexpensive silk flowers. They’ll do the trick and last all year long! I’ve been known to change out my flowers between seasons.

Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration between Home Depot and SheKnows.

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