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Sherwin-Williams & HGTV offer vintage colors to satisfy your inner Betty Draper

Wash your pickup and hit the ATM, ladies: This weekend we’re hitting flea markets. We need more chairs, tables, bookcases and dressers. HGTV’s latest line of paint colors for Sherwin-Williams is vintage inspired and we’re already madly in love.

In case you missed the memo: Vintage is back and better than ever. From the apron and doily obsession to the camper rehabbing fad, everyone is going retro when tackling DIY projects and, honestly, who can blame them? We love that we shattered the glass ceiling and are infinitely grateful we can wear jeans while ripping out the inside of our travel trailer. But, we still like pretty things and, thanks to feminism, that’s OK, too!

Vintage paint chips

If you’re as into country-kitsch or mid-century modern styles as we are, Sherwin-Williams’ new line of colors is going to blow your mind. These colors take us right back to our mamaw’s house, which always feels like a welcomed return. One glimpse of the dusky, warm yellow of Frolic reminds us of those Harvest Gold appliances and the shade of aqua chosen for Refresh feels both modern and retro. Good luck finding a Falcon in that color, but they still sell KitchenAid mixers in the cheery hue.

The line, titled “Vintage Finds,” is perfect for any size project. A gallon of pinks like Dishy Coral and Lotus Flower can brighten up a bedroom for little Sally. Or you can water down Red Cent to stain that wooden patio furniture your grandfather built. Whether you go full steam ahead and don’t stop until your home looks like the Drapers’ house or just prefer to litter your house with a few touches of your favorite classic shades, you can do no wrong with any of these new-old hues.

We have a few choice pairings, though. Try these color combos:

For a chill but funky office

Funky office

Dream office anyone? The dark, moody gray of Fenland could be the perfect choice for a paint job on an old desk, or in a sturdy fabric on a streamlined office sofa. Frolic is destined for greatness on accent pieces like lamps, desk accessories or a pillow or sleek office chair. Bunglehouse Blue (or Dress Blues) might make for a solid rug choice and could be picked up in wall art, as well. For the walls, stay muted and soft with Ancestral Gold.

In a cheery kitchen

Cheery Kitchen

This color palette honestly reminds us of Don Draper’s office on Mad Men, but with the addition of that oh-so-trendy turquoise, it’s perfect for a vintage-modern kitchen. Softer Tan on the walls and cabinets will give the kitchen a warmer feel than stark white. Consider going funky by adding a backsplash of tiles in Refresh (and don’t forget that aqua-colored stand mixer for the corner). Since Bosc Pear and Amber Wave are so bold and so gorgeously dated, it might be hard to commit to walls or tiles in those colors. Window coverings above the kitchen sink, a mismatched set of dining room chairs and a mix of your mom and grandma’s dishes and dinnerwear in these tones might be a better, less permanent solution.

For feminizing the bedroom

Feminine bedroom

We know not all girls like pink, but this combo is for girls who worship it. Pink and green were a popular combo long before Lilly Pulitzer. These shades tone it down from shocking and stuck-up to sweet and comfortable. The key to this palette is to keep most of the furniture either natural wood or sprayed in that warm, not-quite-white Softer Tan. Use Lotus Flower and Dishy Coral for the majority of linens (and maybe even on the wall, above a chair rail). Then scatter in the bright, fun spring green Frolic on the backs of a bookcase or sides of drawers in a Lotus-Flower painted dresser.

Those are our favorite combos, but the sky is the limit. Head to Lowe’s to see all 20 colors in person (scanning just doesn’t do these shades justice) and pick your favorite mix.

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