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These umbrella stands will make you wonder how you ever lived without one

Hurricane and thunderstorm season can be such a downer. Let one of these kicky umbrella stands be your silver — or brightly colored — lining.

1. Start simple

This sleek wire umbrella stand will enhance any modern entryway. Or you could keep it in the middle of the room like these people, I guess.

2. Repurpose a flower pot

Umbrellas are basically flowers, except they repel rain water instead of using it to grow. So not really anything like flowers, but they do look pretty in flower pots.

3. Spell it out

It’s just that sometimes it’s hard to know where to find the umbrellas. This will help.

4. Show a flair for the industrial

The copper stands out beautifully in an otherwise monochrome space, which helps distract from the nagging feeling that something horrible once happened here.

5. Go bold with color

These umbrella stands scream modern design, and whisper, “I’m not a trash can, I promise.”

6. Get geometric

I know what you’re thinking: Does the carpet match the umbrella stand? And yes. Yes it does.

7. Go all in with the rainy day theme

Fact: These boots were designed by Cinderella’s fairy godmother.

8. It’s an umbrella within an umbrella

The only problem I see here is I would constantly be picking up the whole thing thinking the handle in the middle belonged to my umbrella. But I bet umbrellas make for a rousing game of pickup sticks.

9. Get wild

And then get really wild by putting an umbrella in upside down. Scandalous.

10. Go full Seuss

This style is absolutely gorgeous, even if sorcery is required to keep the umbrellas from falling out.

11. Make use of that college basket-weaving class

A woven basket makes a great umbrella stand, just take care to weight the bottom so it doesn’t topple over. And be sure to put a huge model sailboat right next to it.

12. Be clear

Fill one of those giant glass craft store vases with colorful umbrellas, because filling them with flowers and water is just asking for trouble.

13. Keep it clean and contemporary

If you can’t commit to a whole umbrella stand, start with the outline of one.

14. A square peg in a square hole

This square umbrella stand will tuck into any corner, perfect for those short on space who can’t stand the thought of their virginal umbrella touching someone else’s.

15. Who wouldn’t love this?

I’m really sorry about the pun. I just really love this owlish umbrella stand.

I’ll show myself out.

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