6 Yoga poses only fashion lovers will understand

If there’s one sport that the fashion savvy can get down with, it’s yoga. We’re masters of the peaceful child’s pose, we excel at sitting in one place and breathing deeply, and who doesn’t love a good nap-inducing shavasana?

OK fine, we aren’t exactly experts, but there’s credit in trying. That’s why we perked up when our guest editor — the fabulously chic animated persona Sew Sketchy — wanted to lend her expertise in the athletic art by sharing a few of her custom yoga poses crafted especially for the style set. Follow her through moves like her body-lengthening Kim Kardashian inspired “Selfie” pose and the glute-challenging “Front Row” stance, and you’ll be toned and tightened before you can say namaste.

fashion yoga poses sew sketchy

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This post was originally published on StyleCaster.