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Homeowners desperate for green grass turn to… paint

If your grass turns brown… just spray-paint it green? That’s what some Californians plagued by the drought are doing because they’re sick of seeing the dead grass. Mandatory water restrictions put regular watering out of the question, but all it takes is a little paint to get a golf-course green lawn.

It sounds crazy, but it’s happening. There are companies that will do it for you or special paint you can buy and do it yourself. Who knew?

LawnLift, which claims to be the leading seller of lawn paint, claims its product is nontoxic, won’t hurt your real grass and — this is important — won’t wash away in the rain. “It’s like a facelift for your lawn,” its site proclaims.

If all that’s true, I suppose there’s no harm in it, and the results do seem pretty good. In fact, a reporter from the LA Times, who got a close-up look at a spray-painted lawn, wrote, “It looks freakishly good.”

It’s the “freakish” part I can’t get over, though. It just seems so unnatural… kind of like a face-lift for your face. There are people who believe in aging gracefully and people who will do anything to look young. I suppose when it comes to grass, there are two similar camps, and those desperate for green lawns are going to be scooping up this paint.

If paint isn’t your thing, you can always just get rid of the grass altogether. Companies like Turf Terminators will take the grass out and put gravel or mulch in your yard. I suppose that’s another option, but it feels so final to remove all your grass.

turf terminators

Personally, I think I’d rather just wait for some rain and embrace the “brown is the new green” way of thinking for a while.

How far would you go for green grass?

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