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Funky, fun beds that will make you want to stay in bed all day

Let’s be honest, sometimes a plain ol’ bed frame is a complete and utter turnoff. Have a little more fun in your bedroom with these uniquely awesome bed frames.

Platform conversion bed

conversion bed

Lift it, raise it, rock your socks in it. This bed frame promises “resilience and durability”… just what you need for a good night’s sleep, among other things (All Modern, $175).

Disney princess twin carriage frame

carriage bed

If you’ve dreamed of becoming royalty, then this is just the bed for you (Living Spaces, $495). Having the ability to hold up to 700 pounds, it’s surely sturdy enough for any rescuing you may need from your Prince Charming.

Crocodile Queen Bed

crocodile bed

For those of you who can barely leave your recliner for your bed, then this is just the frame for you (, $663). Not only does it offer the comfort of your favorite living room furniture, it offers up padded head rests and soft, faux crocodile leather for days you just don’t feel like putting any pants on.

Plato round bed

round bed

Admit it, you’ve been dreaming of a circular bed frame since the late ’80s (Stylish Design Furniture, $2,363). Add it to your room and never have to worry about your bed frame making marks on your wall again.

Enchanted Forest canopy bed

enchanted forest

OK, so the carriage bed is just a little bit too juvenile for you. Then opt for this crazy, cool, whimsical bed frame that comes attached with a magical pussy willow chandelier that dreams are made of (Timeless Wrought Iron, $4,839).

Vegas Deco resort bed

vegas bed

As the saying goes, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Apparently that statement didn’t hold true for this wild and over-the-top bed frame (Bonanza, $1,800). Perhaps you can put this beauty in your guest room for nights you want to stay-cation without spending any big Vegas bucks.

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Privacy pop up bed

pop up bed

It’s not exactly a bed frame, but it is pretty close. Meant for camping, the privacy pop up bed can also be used at home, when you’re needing… ahem… a little alone time (Brookstone, $200).

Floating bed

floating bed

Hang this floating bed in the corner of your bedroom, your backyard or maybe even in the living room for whenever you’re ready to swing into a little action (The Warming Store, $2,995). And if you’re not in the mood for any action, then just rock yourself to sleep with a little lullaby.

Claire porch swing

porch swing

It may be meant for a porch, but leaving this unique bed frame outside would be a downright shame (All Modern, $700). Not only does this design provide a bit of privacy, there’s plenty of room for two.

Rocking bed

rocking bed

Rock-a-bye adult? The rocking bed is 100 percent pure awesome. As quoted by the designer, this bed was made for a place where you can “dream your dreams, love your lover and rest your soul” (Live Well Stores, $3,364). And really, what more could you need from a bed?

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