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68 French Dog Names That’ll Make You Say ‘Oui, Oui’

The French language is unique and fascinating, and we wish we’d done a better job of mastering it in high school. Still, we’re obsessed with France and turn to the language to express ourselves on a regular basis (it’s got a certain je ne sais quoi), and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t sometimes dream of renaming ourselves Eloise and running into the sunset. The second-best option? Giving an adorable French name to your new dog.

Seriously, go through this list of names and say each one aloud. We guarantee you can’t do it without cracking a smile — or finding at least 10 that you’d love to use for your own pup.

Dog names inspired by French words that are fun to say

Regardless of meaning, French words roll deliciously off your tongue and instantly make you feel more affectionate. Name your love pup one of these French dog names, and you’re sure to get even more warm fuzzies for your favorite little fur-ball.

For the girls

1. Je t’aime (I love you)

2. Parfait (perfect)

3. Coquette (flirt)

4. Fille (girl)

5. Papillon (butterfly)

6. Amie (friend)

7. Bijou (jewel)

8. Magnifique (magnificent)

9. Chevrefeuille (honeysuckle)

10. Coquelicot (poppy)

11. Libellule (dragonfly)

12. Fleur (flower)

For the boys

13. Rififi (trouble)

14. Narcissique (narcissist)

15. Éclair (lightning bolt or the pastry)

16. Délicieux (delicious)

17. Grand-père (grandfather)

18. Affectueux (affectionate)

19. Chanceux (lucky)

20. Noir (black)

21. Heureux (happy)

22. Rendez-vous (meeting)

23. Flâneur (aimless loafer)

24. Amoureux (lover)

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Dog names inspired by French foods

If you are infatuated with French cuisine, give your pup a name that will warm your tummy (and make you hungry to visit the country).

25. Pâtisserie (pastry shop)

26. Pistache (pistachio)

27. Croissant

28. Pain (bread)

29. Croquembouche (tower of pastries)

30. Ganache

31. Mousse

32. Souffle

33. Mille-feuille (puff pastry dessert)

34. Fondue

35. Cassoulet (sausage and bean soup)

36. Niçoise (type of salad)

Dog names inspired by touring through France

If you’ve traveled around France or have a dream vacation planned, consider a French dog name that reminds you of a fave landmark or geographical locale on your itinerary.

37. Eiffel

38. Paris

39. Triomphe

40. Versailles

41. Lyon

42. Marseille

43. Montpellier

44. Bordeaux

45. Champagne

46. Avignon

47. Lille

48. Sacré-Coeur

Dog names inspired by famous French people

Consider the following names of famous French people to give your new pup a cultured European moniker. Then have fun with it by quoting French movies or books to your furry French-named friend.

49. Monet (Claude Monet)

50. Louis (Louis Pasteur, King Louis)

51. Marquis (Marquis de Sade)

52. Descartes (René Descartes)

53. Napoleon

54. Coco (Coco Chanel)

55. Pascal (Blaise Pascal)

56. Antoinette (Marie Antoinette)

57. William the Conquerer

58. Jacques (Jacques Torres)

59. François (François Hollande, current president)

60. Gérard Depardieu (actor)

61. André (André the Giant)

Names inspired by classic French names

62. Pierre

63. Eloise

64. Madeleine

65. Julien

66. Hugo

67. Baptiste

68. Margaux

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A version of this article was originally published in June 2015.

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