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9 Springtime upgrades to give your backyard this weekend

This warmer weather has us all excited for springtime in the sun, complete with afternoon get-togethers and evening cookouts. In order to get the most out of the season, however, you’ll need your outdoor areas to be warm weather ready, and there’s not a moment to lose! These nine DIYs are the perfect quick upgrades to turn your backyard and other outdoor areas into a springtime paradise in just one weekend!

1. Add a tabletop fire pit

Image: Jeff/Home Repair Tutor

In case you’re not able to make your own full-sized fire pit, you can still keep your company toasty with a tabletop fire pit made from easy-to-use cement. Simply make a mold that fits your space, and you’ll have a customized fire pit that’s the perfect fit for you!

2. Build a beverage table

Image: Scott/Saws on Skates

This easy DIY beverage table is the perfect surface for a sweet bar, and the perfect spot to keep extra bottles on ice until they’re needed. Make a few of your own, so that you can have easy access to ice-cold beverages no matter where you choose to lounge.

3. Install a bubbling garden fountain

Image: Sue/Flea Market Gardening

Combine a topsy-turvy planter with a solar-powered fountain, and add some energy-efficient embellishment to your greenery. Not only is this a fun way to add some bubbling ambiance to your outdoor space, it’s the perfect vertical design if your garden space is limited.

4. Make your own pretty pond

Image: Chanda and Sam/Zest It Up

Turn a boring corner of your yard into an eye-catching water feature, great for cooling off your space, impressing your guests and giving your outdoor decor a little bit of texture and variety. You would never believe it’s so doable, but these clever DIYers figured out a straightforward and budget way to create their own mini pond.

5. Hang a relaxing porch swing

Image: Angela/Twelve Oaks Manor

Of course benches and patio chairs are nice, but there’s nothing as spring-tastic as relaxing lazily in a cushy porch swing. You can repurpose your own by using an old headboard or connecting a couple of thrift store chairs, or follow this design and upcycle some shipping pallets.

6. Get creative with your flower beds

Image: Jane/Cottage at the Crossroads

Decorate your outdoors by adding plenty of natural touches, like leafy plants or vibrant flowers. Make sure to fill up and play up your flower beds, and even add additional flower power, like a yard border made from these baskets mounted on posts.

7. Store garden supplies in style

Store garden supplies in style

Image: Rhonda/Sprouts and Stuff

Since you’ll be tending to the garden fairly often, you’ll want to keep your supplies handy, but not in the way. This easy driftwood hose holder is a beautiful way to store your hose and decorate your garden all at once.

8. Put up your own patio curtains

Put up your own patie curtains

Image: Corey/My Tiny Sidekick

Spend an hour or two this weekend putting up your own DIY drop cloth patio curtains, to keep the strong sun rays from heating up your lounge area too much. With budget curtains like these, you can easily customize your outdoor areas without breaking the bank.

9. Upcycle pallets into outdoor seating

Image: Aniko/Place of My Taste

Turn your salvaged shipping pallets into outdoor furniture that perfectly fits your space. Creating your own coffee table or patio sectional doesn’t have to be too tough or expensive, especially if you follow an elegant design like this one.

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