Orangutan adopts tiger cubs and the cuteness is too much to handle

First of all, it is my dream to have baby jungle cats crawling all over me. No really, I’ve had that dream more than four times. Tiger cub cuteness is like yellow lab puppy cuteness on crack. And what’s cuter than a bunch of baby tigers stumbling around biting each other? I’ll tell you. A group of clumsy tiger cubs stumbling around, playing with their adopted mama orangutan!

This orangutan is not your typical orangutan. I mean, I’ve never worked with this particular type of monkey before (OK, or any monkey) but I think we’re all wondering the same thing, “Is she serious?” Ohhhhh yeah, she’s serious all right. Look at her patience, her poise and her gentle touch! The way she gets on the ground, rolls around, cradles and kisses those baby cuties is just amazing!

Look at her whispering to that cuddly little kitty at 26 seconds, “Mama loves you, pumpkin. And, I know I don’t look like your mama, but you’re wrong.” She is taking this mom business pretty seriously, and it’s awesome.

Ugh, I’m dying over here! I want to be that orangutan.

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