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Cat burglar leads gang of Yorkie pups in a break-in (VIDEO)

It’s the age-old argument: What are smarter, cats or dogs? This hilarious video involving a clever cat and a litter of pups might just help us solve the mystery.

At first watch, you may be impressed by how well this cat gets along with its gang of dog sidekicks. Not a scratch or a hiss in sight. As the dogs and the cat press their adorable faces against the sliding glass door — hoping to finally, finally, finally be let in — you can see the wheels turning in the cat’s mind. It’s coming up with a plan.

It takes less than 60 seconds for this cunning cat to perform a masterful B&E with half a dozen doggie accomplices. If animals ever do decide to take over the world, it’s clear that we’re all going to be screwed. Cats are more than capable of leading the revolution.

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