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How to organize commonly cluttered areas in 15 minutes

Spring is a time to shake off winter and shed the clutter that’s built up since the holidays. While picking a weekend to do it all is admirable, it tends to make any task seem overwhelming. A better way to tackle your spring cleaning is the 15-minute formula. Break your tasks up into bite-size chunks and you’ll be organized before you know it. Here are some tips for those commonly cluttered areas.


Clear out your wardrobe one category at a time. Day one is sweaters, day two is pants, then shoes and so on. You know the rule; if you didn’t wear something more than once last season, donate it. Turn your hangers in the opposite direction, then once you wear something turn it back the right way to help you keep track.

Organize Bedroom

You can hang more than you think, such as flip flops. Take all those wire hangers from the dry cleaner and turn them into sandal and flip flop holders. Get a closet-extender rod that hangs below your shirts and pants and hang your shoes instead of kicking them around your closet floor.

Organize closet

You can also hang sheets if you don’t have shelving. Or, to keep your linens stacked neatly, place sheet sets inside of their matching pillowcases so nothing gets separated. Check out my videos on how to fold a fitted sheet and towel perfectly to get a seamless look.


When is the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? Experts say they should be cleaned every 2-4 weeks! Whatever you do, don’t soak your brushes because the bristles and bases are held together with glue. Instead, run the bristles under warm water and use antibacterial soap. Blot them dry on a paper towel and let them dry overnight.

Organize Bathroom

The next time you’re at your local lawn and garden center, pick up an extra planter or two and head to your bathroom to make the perfect hair tool holders. No need to unplug the cords and no need to sacrifice a storage drawer.

Make the room feel even cleaner with fragrance. Even once you’ve scrubbed every inch, a nice cotton-scented candle creates a fresh feel.


If you’d like to make your kitchen feel neat and tidy, hang your papers, photos and reminders inside a cabinet instead of on your fridge. The reason our kitchens look cluttered is because we store our lives on the fridge. Do me a favor and take a picture of your fridge now, then sans stuff. See the difference?

Store-bought cleaners can be expensive and full of questionable ingredients. I like knowing exactly what I’m using around my family, which is why I keep a bottle of equal parts vinegar and water (with a spritz of lemon!) under every sink.

Tackle just one shelf or cabinet at a time. In 15 minutes you can take out all your pots and pans and get rid of any that are unused, broken or duplicates. Install a magazine rack to stack all the lids to those pieces.

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