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BFFs build tiny house neighborhood of our dreams in Texas

Just outside of Austin, four couples have built the neighborhood of their dreams, and ours.

You can kind of imagine how the idea got started. “Why don’t we all go in together an buy a piece of land and build the perfect house? Then we can all be together!”

Llano exit strategy couples

Image: Alexander Stross

And then things got rolling from there.

So they bought a gorgeous piece of land near the Llano River outside Austin, TX and hired architect Matt Garcia to build their “Bestie Row” neighborhood.


Image: Alexander Stross

First. they thought about one big house for everyone, but c’mon, that’s a little too close for comfort. So instead they embraced their enthusiasm for the tiny house movement and settled on smaller cabins surrounding one large, 1,500-square foot commons building with a kitchen and space for entertaining. The perfect solution.


Image: Alexander Stross

The cabins are about 400 square feet apiece with a bedroom, living room and full bathroom and cost about $40,000 each to build. And they’re amazing.


Image: Alexander Stross

Everything is built with climate in mind. From the galvanized metal siding to reflect the Texas sun and spray foam insulation to keep the cabins cozy in cooler months. The roofs are designed to collect rainwater in cisterns connected to each cabin to be used later. Maybe it’s easier to be green than we thought?


Image: Alexander Stross

The utility of the design will help the buildings hold up in the harsh Texas climate and a super modern feel. But contrasting natural, rustic touches–like this beautiful natural-grained wood on the walls, keeps things warm and inviting.


Image: Alexander Stross

The fixtures are smart and minimal, but still feel refined and elegant. Good design will do that.


Image: Alexander Stross

Anyone else dreaming of a BFF neighborhood of your very own? This could be a really smart solution for all sorts of families and situation. From adult kids living at home longer to working moms who need help from their parents, all of us need a community of support and maybe building our own tiny house neighborhoods will be an answer. Aging parents could be cared for at home longer. Kids could grow up surrounded by their circle of love. Sounds magical.

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