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15 Secret hiding places to stash your most precious valuables

Whether you want to protect your things or you just like having a bit of mystery in your home, these are the best items you can DIY or buy to keep your treasures hidden.

1. Soup can

soup can

Image credit: Pepper Archive

This DIY soup can hiding place is perfect, but make sure to put in a corner spot of the pantry to avoid any attempt to eat your valuables during a late-night snack session.

2. Dirty diaper

Be careful. This one’s so convincing even you might forget that it’s not really a stink bomb.

3. Secret log box


Image credit: Brooklyn Limestone

Handy crafters can turn an ordinary log into a safe place for their stuff. Just make sure you don’t actually throw this log into the fire.

4. Sprinkler hide-a-key

sprinkler head

Whether it’s for a latch-key kid or a forgetful homeowner, the sprinkler hide-a-key is as inconspicuous as they come. (Amazon, $8)

5. Book safe

book safe

Image credit: Mod Podge Rocks

The perfect solution for any book lover. But make sure to use a title that you’re sure you won’t purge in a garage sale.

6. The Privacy Pillow

privacy pillow

Image: Amazon

Want to keep your valuables safe? Sleep with them using a privacy pillow. (Amazon, $30)

7. Closet safe

closet safe

Image: Amazon

Unless a robber is searching for your designer duds, this closet safe is bound to keep your valuables safely hidden between your cotton blends. (Amazon, $19)

8. Pepsi bottle

pepsi safe

Image: Amazon

OK, we’ll admit that this Pepsi bottle does kind of look fake, but it’s doubtful that a potential thief will be searching through every 2-liter you own (Amazon, $13). If you don’t feel comfortable purchasing the fake one, you can always DIY your own using this tutorial.

9. Play-Doh containers


Image credit: Mommy Savers

Tuck money and other jewelry away using children’s old Play-Doh containers. You’ll just need to figure out where to keep them out of reach from sticky kid fingers.

10. Canvas art turned hidden jewelry box


Image credit: 23 Skidoo Blog

Art never looked as good as it does with your most precious jewels sparkling behind it. Create a hollow box behind a piece of art for this secret hiding place.

11. Hidden wall outlet

hidden wall outlet

Image: Amazon

Forget the DIY. You can purchase your very own hidden wall outlet. (Amazon, $5)

12. Floss box

floss box

Image credit: The Space Between Blog

Keep cash and rings hidden in your medicine cabinet using this easy hack that makes us scratch our heads wondering why we didn’t think of this genius idea ourselves.

13. Sanitary napkins

sanitary napkins

Image credit: Twenty-Something Travel

If the man in your life can’t get within 10 feet of a box of pads, let alone the pad itself, it’s doubtful that a stranger would dare touch your box of lady things.

14. Chapstick containers

chapstick containers

Image credit: Kleen it Up

Chapstick, Lip Smackers, EOS containers, you name it. They’re all perfect little hiding tools for cash and small valuable items.

15. Secret sliding wall shelf


Image: Top Secret Furniture

Keep your decor looking slick while hiding all of your goods with this top secret sliding wall shelf. Check out the site for other awesome furniture that will allow you to hide basically anything. (Top Secret Furniture, $169)

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