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14 Gifts modern dads really want for Father’s Day

Let’s face it — Dad doesn’t need one more tie or wallet. This year, give him something he really wants for Father’s Day.

1. A good pair of sunglasses

He’s probably always coveted a pair of Ray-Bans, and those gas-station knockoffs aren’t fooling anyone. Spring for the real deal this Father’s Day. (Sunglass Hut, $105)

2. A little extra power

We all know what a pain it is to be away from home and watch that battery bar on your phone get smaller and smaller. Come to Dad’s rescue by making sure he always has a way to charge up, no matter where he is. (Best Buy, $40)

3. A gaming console for on-the-go

There’s only so much serious gaming you can do on a smartphone, and a regular console isn’t exactly portable. Get him a PS Vista and he can hold on to his gamer rep while still being at all the places he needs to. (Best Buy, $200)

4. An easy-out for grill cleaning

Dad may be the ultimate grill master, but we’re willing to bet he doesn’t like scrubbing the mess that’s left behind. Get him something that will do all the work for him. (, $130)

5. A great pair of jeans

We all spend way too much time hunting for the perfect pair of jeans. End the hunt for Dad by picking him up a pair of Levi’s® 514 Straight-Fit Jeans so he will always be comfortable and stylish. Plus, they won’t put a big dent in your wallet since you can get them from Macy’s starting at just $34.99. (Macy’s, $34.99 and up)

6. Something to get him moving

We all need a little motivation when it comes to exercise, and Dad is no exception. With the Fitbit Charge HR, he gets a fun tech-toy that makes sure he’s in tip-top shape. (, $150).

7. Help rocking out

Dad loves his tunes, but the music that comes from his smartphone just doesn’t rock his socks off like those same songs coming from his pile of garage speakers. Help him get a little more volume — no speaker required — with an amplifying phone case. (, $25)

8. Help keeping quiet

Of course, sometimes, no one needs to hear that music but Dad. Grab him a great set of headphones and everyone will thank you (especially Dad). (, $250)

9. A manly cookbook

Today’s modern dad isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty in the kitchen, but he’s probably terrified of mom’s next vegetarian phase. Grab him a cookbook that caters to carnivores. (Amazon, $27)

10. Something personalized

He may play it tough, but you know what a softie Dad really is. Get him something with meaning and watch him try to hide his teary eyes. (Etsy, $15)

11. Something to improve his commute

He sits in gridlocked traffic just about every morning. At least make sure he has hot coffee for the ride. This awesome retro-looking cup actually warms his coffee to the perfect temp. (Sharper Image, $50)

12. A stylish case for his tablet

Every tablet needs a protective case. Spring for this one made of tanned steerhide. It’s probably the closest Dad will ever come to being a real-life cowboy. (, $170)

13. Help finding the words

Nothing makes Dad feel cooler than using the perfect quote from his favorite flick. Put all the best lines from the manliest movies ever right at his fingertips. (Barnes and Noble, $11)

14. A perfectly chilled beer

With this fun gadget, Dad can sip his beer in the sun and not fear the inevitable warm-up of his beverage. Solve Dad’s number one summer problem with one simple gift. (, $30)

This post was brought to you by Levi’s®.

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