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Rescued puppy grows into an adult on a treadmill (VIDEO)

Get ready to feel all the feels and more. This filmmaker rescued a Great Dane puppy who was not expected to live long, so he decided to document her life for as long as he had her. He named her Pegasus, because she’s a glowing shade of white, and a bit of a miracle.

When Dave Meinert rescued Pegasus from a neglectful breeder, she was already pretty sick. Her white pigment is actually a defect that usually leads to blindness and deafness. If that’s not enough, most of her siblings were already dead or deformed. This just goes to show what horrible things can happen when dog breeds are overbred (which happens more often than not). However, Dave was able to get Pegasus back into good health by having her walk on a treadmill everyday. Since it became a ritual, he decided to capture their workouts on film, and make all the clips into a time lapse video. Get ready to sob happy tears.

The Pegasus Project from Dave Meinert on Vimeo.

Watching this little wobbly guy grow up into a gorgeous, statuesque adult Great Dane is just incredible. I started to lose it when he was walking between his owner’s legs. The project is far from complete though. It’s been many months since the documenting began, and Pegasus is still doing great. Dave doesn’t know if and when she’ll get sick, but for now he feels very lucky to have her in his life.

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