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Loose Women tries breast milk ice cream so you don’t have to

Of all the ways to celebrate the new royal baby ice cream made from breast milk has to be one of the craziest.

Breast milk ice cream was actually launched in the U.K. by The Licktators back in 2011, when they introduced their “Baby Gaga Breast Milk” ice cream to the public via a London store. Within a week of it going on sale, Gaga had threatened to sue the company for the “nausea-inducing” name and Westminster Council had seized the product to carry out safety tests.

Four years later, and as keen as ever to get the British public chowing down on breast milk ice cream, The Licktators have re-introduced their controversial product, taking advantage of the opportunity to capitalise on the birth of the new royal baby.

They’ve teamed up with breastfeeding campaigner Victoria Hiley to make a new breast milk ice cream, renamed “Royal Baby Gaga” in order to “remind the Duchess of Cambridge, and mothers around the country, of the benefits of breastfeeding. And also how delicious breast milk is, whatever your age.”

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“There was huge support from breastfeeding women for Baby Gaga ice cream in 2011, yet some politicians still stigmatise women for breastfeeding in public,” said Hiley. “We thought the birth of a Royal baby was a great time to whip up support for mums and say that when it comes to ice cream this summer, breast is best. After all, what else would you give your young prince or princess?”

So, what we all want to know is, what does breast milk ice cream taste like? The Loose Women panel got stuck into a tub today — and the verdict was unanimous.

“It tastes just like vanilla,” said writer Jane Moore. “Exactly like vanilla ice cream.”

“You know what, it’s absolutely lovely,” actress and TV presenter Nadia Sawalha added.

Video credit: Loose Women/YouTube

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