Who will be lighting up the TV BAFTA red carpet in an LED dress?

We’ll be looking out for a high-tech LED dress on the red carpet at the TV BAFTA awards on Sunday night. The question is who will be wearing it?

The new sponsors of the TV BAFTA awards, House of Fraser, are celebrating the partnership in a very unique way — by debuting a “technology enhanced gown” on the red carpet. The motion sensor dress commissioned by the retailer “reacts to and accentuates the movements of the wearer.”

The gown is the work of designer Rebecca Street (who was once Alexander McQueen’s creative cutter and sculptor) and pioneering technology studio Seeper and the public have had a hand in the creative process by voting on Twitter for the theme of the dress. As soon as “TV genres” was announced as the winning theme the dressmaking team got down to putting together the bespoke piece.

“Using multiple sensors attached around the body, a dynamic system of raw data is captured and then analysed to mirror the motions and gestures of the wearer which in turn drives the graphics rendering. More gown than gadget, the dress plays on the natural motion and flow of the female form with LED light illumination for maximum impact,” said a press release from House of Fraser.

House of Fraser TV BAFTA led dress

Photo credit: House of Fraser

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“The BAFTA awards are a big night for House of Fraser and we know the red carpet is the place to make a statement. To create a truly show-stopping dress we’ve looked to the future of fashion and technology. The unique light display creates vivid patterns and shades that continuously evolve so the dress is not bound to one look,” said Jakki Pay, Design Director of Womenswear at House of Fraser.

That all sounds pretty fabulous but, what we want to know is, who is going to be wearing this piece of fashion technology to walk the TV BAFTA red carpet? Any guesses? Make your suggestions in the comments below.

Video credit: House of Fraser/YouTube

The House of Fraser British Academy Television Awards will be held on Sunday, May 10 at The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane and broadcast on BBC1.

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