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7 Dramatic design ideas to make your bathroom pop without a remodel

When it comes to home decor, the bathroom often gets overlooked. But keep in mind, both guests and household members visit the bathroom frequently, and everyone feels more relaxed and more at home when they’re using a bathroom that’s not only clean, but beautiful too. Updating your bathroom doesn’t have to be an expensive, month-long full remodel; instead, take a look at these inspirational bathroom designs that can show you how to perk up your own restroom.

1. Pair a bold color with bright accents

Image: Stephanie/Glitter and Goat Cheese

A small bathroom is the perfect place to pair a rich wall color with bright accents and trim. This bold blue room makes a strong impact with bright yellow details and metallic accents. It just proves that no matter the size, any room can become a masterpiece with the right color combo.

2. Add detail and color to walls and ceiling

Image: Heather/The Heathered Nest

Instead of a full paint or wallpaper makeover, give your restroom some height and elegance by adding character to the top half of the room. And while walls and floors are important, don’t overlook the ceiling; a dramatic ceiling can completely change the look of your space!

3. Hang an elegant chandelier

Image: Courtney/Golden Boys & Me

Changing up your lighting is good, but adding a fixture full to the brim with flavor is even better. Replacing your builder-grade light fixture with a chic chandelier will instantly turn even the smallest bathroom from blah to beautiful!

4. Add a planked accent wall

Image: Lauren/Bless’er House

Give your bathroom a cozy farmhouse appeal by adding a beautiful wood planked wall. As an accent wall, this design doesn’t have to be costly or even time consuming! Just make sure to choose the perfect placement, like the wall with a mirror or the one by the bathtub.

5. Play with colors and patterns

Image: Wendi/H2O Bungalow

Once you have your design or color scheme, don’t be afraid to break the rules a little. Mixing patterns is a great way to create just enough contrast in your decor to draw attention. And as this glorious nautical bathroom proves, even tiles can be mixed and matched playfully.

6. Minimize your vanity to maximize your space

Image: Donna/Funky Junk Interiors

Making your bathroom appear more spacious will give you more freedom with your decor. A good place to start is the size of your vanity. While storage is always a plus, shelves might do a better job in your space if a large vanity is crowding your bathroom.

7. Change the floor

Image: Jodie and Paige/Sypsie

Whether it’s getting grimy or it just looks unappealing, a bathroom floor is one of the highest-impact areas as far as design. A floor with large spa-like tiles will make people feel clean and welcomed, whereas a wooden floor will give your space a homier feel. Decide what look you’re going for and change that floor to fit!

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